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FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model

Nothing happens without our brain. Our brains work behind the scenes, without our conscious awareness. Traditional approaches, based on Learning Theory, assume that everyone's brains function the same way. The impacts on brain function by various prenatal and after birth events are not taken into account. The neurobehavioral framework allows us to explore our child's unique brain strengths and challenges, and to view behavior as behavioral symptoms of brain-based differences. Because everyone’s brain is “wired” differently, this model urges the creation of accommodations tailored to each individual.

  • 12 Hour Workshop (Four 3 Hour Sessions):
    • Caregivers: $350
    • Professionals: $425
  • 18 Hour Workshop (Nine 2 Hour Sessions):
    • Caregivers: $480
    • Professionals: $555

December: Thursday afternoons from 1-4 PM PST, beginning Dec. 1, 2022.

Agencies can arrange for in-person training (if in Central California) or via Zoom. Scheduling can be tailored to your needs (number of sessions). Up to 18-hours of training is available. Pricing will vary.

To download a checklist to see if your family could benefit from a different approach, click this link.

$349.99 per household


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