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Holistic Parenting Your Neurodivergent Child

The Holistic Parenting Your Child with Brain-Based Differences coaching program is a 4-month program which will help you identify your child’s unique cognitive challenges, as well as his/her unique strengths, abilities and preferred learning styles. In this program, we will craft accommodations TAILORED to YOUR child's unique neurobehavioral blueprint. We will meet weekly for one hour of group training, and one one-hour individual session for support in your application of new skills monthly.

We will meet three times each month for group training (weeks 1-3) and once each month for individual support in integrating learning into parenting practice. 

In this program you will:

  • Learn basics of neurobehavioral model: You will see that prenatal exposure to toxins and trauma change the structure of a child’s brain: therefore your child has a physical disability with behavioral symptoms. You will understand that some behaviors are “primary” – they reflect the way your child’s brain is uniquely wired, some behaviors are secondary – they are normal defensive behaviors against the pain of a poor fit between your child’s abilities and the expectations placed upon them, and some behaviors are tertiary – they reflect the understandable anger that results from a chronic poor fit – because a child has never felt seen, heard, understood or valued. You will learn to see behavior as being driven by how your child’s brain works, rather than as a matter of choice or intention, and to not take your child’s behavior personally by building new neural pathways in your own brain so that connecting behavior with brain tasks becomes more natural

  • Learn how trauma and lack of felt safety impacts our kiddos’ thinking and behavior and how to create and maintain this space of felt safety for your child, allowing your child to no longer be on high alert for physical or psychological danger.
  • Learn how our history contributes to reacting to our kiddos, rather than proactively meeting their needs, by learning about attachment patterns as well as parenting styles, and how these are the vehicles for inter-generational patterns in our families.
  • Put all these things together in putting structures and accommodations in place so your child will thrive and peace will be restored to your home.

To sign up for a Parenting Breakthrough Session to see if this program is right for you, use this link to schedule a free 30-minute call with Patti:

$997.00 month

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